Setup Google Apps on Windows Phone

Updated: 16.03.2016 : 02:00  By: Sasina

Before setting up Google Sync on your Windows Phone or Windows Mobile device, back up your Contacts and Calendars from your phone on your computer before proceeding.
  1. Open the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync application on your device's home screen.

  2. Press Set up your device to sync with it.
  3. Enter as the server address.

  4. Ensure that the SSL option is selected.
  5. Press Next.
  6. Enter your full Google Account email address in the User name field.

  7. Enter your Google Account password in the Password field. If you're a 2-step verification user, please use an application-specific password instead.
  8. Leave the Domain field empty. If your device requires you to enter a domain1 name, enter google.
  9. Press Next.
  10. Check Contacts, Calendar, or Email, depending on which you'd like to sync. (Tasks is not supported and will lead to an error if checked.)

  11. Press Finish.