Google's Technology Cloud Computing

Updated: 16.03.2016 : 02:03  By: Sasina

Present in the small and medium-sized businesses in Thailand, many have not. Information technology, or ICT, to enhance the business fully. One of the primary reasons is that restrictions on cost, if any company wants to use IT systems must purchase and install the system yourself. So that cost is quite high. This limitation is being destroyed. By a technology called "Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing)".
Google AppsBecause cloud computing technology that caused the software application center server. Then allows the user to log into the system to operate the software. Through the Internet from their company. Or wherever. Just have to use the Internet. That cloud computing is a strong interest in the business world because of cloud computing is the technology to help businesses that want to use IT systems have the choice to rent system, rather than having to buy the whole system the cost is quite high. be suitable for small and medium businesses that cost limitation.
It also allows the operator no use IT system used before. It can be started with IT systems in a short time, easy and uncomplicated. What entrepreneurs need. With just a computer and the Internet to connect to the applications on Cloud Computing only.
After starting to use cloud computing, users do not have to worry about the administrative burden. Do not worry about upgrading the system over time because will be a burden the provider's cloud computing (Cloud Computing Services).