Sateraito Office • Group Calendar

Updated: 05.08.2016 : 03:17  By: Nutthawadee

Service Overview

Sateraito Office Group Calendar for Google Apps is an add-on application for Google Calendar.
Google Calendar and Organization Hierachy will be displayed in the same GUI. It's more ease of use to confirm members' events, book resources

Features Summary

・Display organization groups hierachy (office, department, subsidary etc...)
  →The organization groups will displayed as a Tree-View
・Users' calendars are listed vertically, each calendar's events are listed horizontally, Google calendar's details are shown in each tile.
・Calendar access privilege is based on the Google Calendar access privilege.
・Display Resource (Google Calendar Resource)
  →(All resources, each user's resource etc...)

・External Google Apps Calendar, calendar can be displayed(if access privilige granted)

・Shared Calendars created by members can be displayed
・Configure to do not diplay groups
・Change the display order in Group
・Display member's Contacts
・Month View/ Week View/ Date View
・Schedule event for multiple members 
・Prevent overlap event. 
・Favourite Groups

・Search function (members, resources etc...)
・Tag event with color
・Event Copy/Create. 
・CSV Download
・View for Receptionist
・Support Smart Phone View (Android/iPad/iPhone) 
・Provide Gadget to add to Google Site
・Support Multilanguage (English, German, France, Spain, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc...) 
・Support Google Apps Multi Domains
・Testing for administrator
・Organization Information can be linked to Sateraito Office Single Sign On