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Updated: 05.08.2016 : 03:20  By: Nutthawadee

Service Feature

"Sateraito Office Bulletin Board for Google Apps" provides News Broadcasting feature for your Google Apps environment. 
(1)Runs in the same with Google Apps (Google App Engine).
(2)Runs in Google Site as Gadgets. 
(3)Input form customization, access privileges for each publication, publication period configuration 
(4)Notification upon application publishing. Read/Unread management, comments function, Like! feature, favourite feature etc...
(5) Tool to migrate from Google Site and Lotus Notes to Bulletin Board

Features Summary

・Support virtual instance. You can create multiple instances of Bulletin Board, each instance has different database. Each instance can be used by specific group of users
・Input form customization. Provide various input types to build input form
  →Text field, Rich Text field, Radio Button, Attachment, Date, Option Button etc... 
・Provide GUI to build form 
・Provide list view, digest view 
・Publication period for each submission. Access permission on each submission.
・Attachment feature (store in Google App Engine, up to 200MB), attachment preview
・My Favourite feature/ "Like!" feature/ New Mark feature
・Read/Unread Management. 
・Discussion, comment feature
・Publication period for each submission 
・Full text search feature 
・Integrate with Gmail, display bulletin board in email screen
・Notification mail upon publication 
・Default templates
・Access control base on IP address 
・Upload file extension control
・Support Smart Phone view 
・Printing form 
・Backup tool to download HTML format of submissions
・Provide gadgets for Google Site
・Migrate from Google Site Announcement
・Support multi Google Apps domains
・Support multiple languages (English, German, France, Spain, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) 

Add to Google Site

Various input type to create form

List feature

Tool to migrate data from Google Site and other System