This Google ad understands your iPhone storage struggles

Updated: 20.09.2016 : 11:30  By: Nutthawadee

We've all been there. 

You've set up the perfect shot. Everyone is in position, the lighting is great, and the big moment has arrived. You're just about to take the picture, when out of nowhere a box pops up, ruining the whole thing - "Storage Full." 

This aggravating experience is the focus of a great new ad from Google Photos. 

The ad shows people setting up pictures - from selfies, to graduation pictures, to birthdays and beyond, only to be interrupted by that despised warning. The ad is (perfectly) set to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now." 

The ad is showcasing the "free up space" feature on Google Photos. If your photos are backed up on the cloud, the app will delete photos from your phone, allowing users to return to their photoshoot with plenty of memory. 

Google Photos provides users with unlimited cloud storage for free so long as the photos are no larger than 16-megapixels and videos are no greater than 1080p full HD resolution 

The ad seems to be targeted at iPhone users - especially those with the 16GB storage plan. The "full storage" notifications and the sound affects in the ad are quite similar to the iOS style. 

The commercial has been well received online, with people taking to Twitter to share their reactions.  

Summarized by Nutthawadee Sungareyakul, Marketing Specialist Demeter ICT Co.,Ltd, Google Apps for Work provider in Thailand

Source : mashable

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