Google Adsense

Updated: 25.04.2016 : 03:34  By: nongnooch

Google Adsense is a Google service that allows people with sites from Google Adsense ads placed on their site. The content of the ad must be relevant to their site as well.
Google AdSense ads with multiple formats, whether text, image, or text with a mix of letters, pictures, etc. In addition, users can also choose the size and color as desired. So beautiful when placed on the site.
To sign up for Google AdSense
  1. Visit website is start the application.
  2. Click “ sign up now “ In the upper right hand Step into the application of Google Adsense There are 3 Steps.

  3. Step 1 is to enter your e-mail account. The candidates
    • The user press left first, to create a Google AdSense account is a Google mail account.
    • Press the second button on the right. If users want to create a new Google Account.
    ***In the case of this example, Press the button on the left

  4. Step 2 is to provide information to the website. About the content of the web users to fill in the following information.
    • Enter the website URL that you want to use Google AdSense.
    • Then select the language on the site.
    • Read the rules and policies of Google AdSense.
    • Put "cheap" in small squares below. To agree.
    • Then press the "Continue".

  5. Step 3 is to fill out and submit an application GoogleAdSense Users to fill out the as follows.
    *** NOTE grind everything into English.
    • Select Country
    • Account type, select an Individual.
    • Payee Name
    • Fill in as
    • 102/45 moo 6
    • buayai
    • fill distric
    • Enter your city
    • Enter your ZIP code
    • Enter a phone number, enter the 66 prefix, for example, put the number 087-254-0216 667-254-0216.
    • Email preference: to choose according to your needs anything.

  6. Once completed, click "Submit my application" to submit your application Google Sense.

  7. Then you have to check your email to confirm your subscription.
  8. Once confirmed, wait 2-3 days for Google to review your data. And will notify you via email or not. If the application is finished completely in the UK and can be used.