Hangouts v10.0 For Android Adds Direct Share Support (APK Download)

Updated: 14.06.2016 : 01:08  By: Varanyu

Hangouts for Android version 10.0 (one of Google App modules) is now available for download - the big feature add? Direct share support, allowing you to share content directly to your commonly-used Hangouts contacts straight from the share menu. For big Hangouts users, this is a huge convenience when sending things like photos, videos, or even just simple links.

The version 10.0 APK doesn't contain any other major changes that we've yet found. We did notice, as in the right-hand side image, that the send button now has a drop-shadow when it's grayed out. So that's something. But direct share appears to be the big update for now, with Hangouts for iOS also having been updated to v10.

You can get the APK right here.

Source: Hangouts v10.0 For Android Adds Direct Share Support (APK Download)

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