Introduction to Google Apps Business Vault

Updated: 15.02.2016 : 11:05  By: Sasina

An accessory device or plugin for Google Apps Business will cost $5 per 1 user per month. If you want to use Google Apps Business Vault be used through Google Apps Unlimited will cost $10 per 1 user per month. Allows for storage of searching, sending emails and receive emails in your organization for recovery of deleted  email in case of accidental release of server can be recovered. Google Apps Vault is a web dase that already don't need to install any extra software or setup.

The ability of the Google Apps Vault :

  • Search email data within your domain.
  • Keep user account and other risks associated with the law.
  • Timing for store data or backup data called matte.
  • You can schedule backup data of the Company.
  • Sharing  matter to the Admin or authority to manage rights.
  • You can export the results to a Mbox file format.
  • Export of large files up to 10 GB/file.
  • To store data or confidential company email. You don't need to migrate. Which contributes to the loss of mail
  • The encrypted connection to Google's Server, storage replication synchronization for your message.
  • They store information on the server of Google when data is lost, stolen, we can recover data in few seconds.
  • Adminstrators can find all of the message to be stored permanently.
  • You can  recover deleted emails inadvertently. (Within a specified period)
  • You can keep message as long as you can.
  • Exporting email will be checked and processing.