Forwarding Email for Google Apps

Updated: 18.03.2016 : 10:59  By: Sasina

Choice  1

  1.  Log in to your Google Mail account and go to “Settings”. Click the “Forwarding and Pop/IMAP tab.
  2. Select the radio button that says “Forward a copy of incoming mail to”. Enter the email address where you want to forward the incoming emails.

  3. “Save changes” and you are done.

Choice  2

  1. Login to Google Mail, click “Settings” and go to the “Filters” tab.
  2. Click “Create a new Filter” and you will be shown something like the following:

  3. Enter the current email address in the To: field.
  4. Click “Next Step” and enter the email address where you wish to auto forward all the messages.

  5. Create Filter” button and you are done. Now all the emails received in this email address will be automatically forwarded to the second email address.