Google Maps provides developers with access to a full range of Google Maps APIs in the cloud

Updated: 27.04.2016 : 02:11  By: nongnooch

Create beautiful maps and embed them in your sites, apps and internal platforms. Deliver location-relevant information to your users - anytime, anywhere - and let location open new possibilities for your business. NEW! We are excited to launch predictive travel time, which allows you to estimate travel time based on historical and current data, making it easier to manage your assets and give your users a better experience.

Make better decisions

Google Maps APIs offers an analytics tool that enables you to see how visitors interact with your maps. For example you can see how many visitors switch to satellite view, the level they zoom to, and which features of the map are most commonly used. This allows you to customize the user experience based on their preferences and encourage a higher degree of engagement and interactivity.

Optimize assets

With the Google Maps APIs, you can build powerful applications that track assets, alert based on geofences, and geolocate devices, all delivered through the familiar Google Maps interface.

Engage your users

By embedding maps in your website and applications, you can create a visually rich experience that engages your users, encouraging a higher level of interaction. Whenever you have data that has a geographic reference such as an address or lat/long coordinates, it’s an opportunity to provide a more engaging experience through a map.

Build amazing apps

Power your location-based app with the Google Places API, which can be used to find nearby places across a wide range of categories. Help users find what they’re looking for faster with the Google Places Autocomplete API which suggests nearby places as you type. Calculate the optimal travel route and estimated time using the Distance Matrix API, and embed Street View to add local context to the application experience.